History of WMRE

WMRE began as a low-budget idea in 1983, with call letters WEMO. In 1985 students began the laborious task of creating a modern radio station at Emory. After four years of persistent effort, on January 20, 1989, Emory’s student operated radio station, WMRE, the Voice of Emory, began broadcasting.

At first, WMRE was carried through a carrier current system throughout the university. The signal was only available to on-campus listeners, and was broadcast over the 590AM. Due to neglect and maintenance problems, the cable connection deteriorated, and 590AM was soon nothing but a faint buzz through the speakers.

Soon thereafter, WMRE began broadcasting on Emory University’s Cable System. Although once again WMRE was only available to listeners on campus, it breathed new life into the station.

On September 30, 1998, due to a dedicated staff, WMRE began broadcasting on the Internet through RealAudio and RealVideo. Today, WMRE enjoys a worldwide audience, and can be heard, and viewed via a web-cam at http://www.wmre.fm and on the Emory Campus Cable channel 26.

WMRE Today

In the Fall of 2008, WMRE made its long awaited move from the cramped, unventilated studio in the basement of Longstreet Hall to its spacious home on the fifth floor of Dobbs University Center.

With the new location, the station has brought new technological possibilities. Though it still broadcasts video via the Emory Cable system or http://www.wmre.fm website, WMRE has made efforts to raise the bar in term s of quality. New state-of-the-art sound equipment replaces the outdated . They have also expanded the their streaming options to include MP3 and Quicktime. In addition, the station has implemented a new archiving process that will allow repeats during the late hours of programming for the otherwise live radio shows.